In 2015, over 23% of residents in Orleans Parish, Louisiana were food insecure. This is nearly double the national average.

“The New Orleans Food Co-op was originally started right after Katrina, so it was a post-Katrina call to a community that really needed food, and it needed food quick. But also, it was an advantage to establish a food system that would allow people of all incomes to be able to attain organic food, local food.” — Richard Siday, NOLA Food Co-op

The New Orleans Food Co-op is a member-owned cooperative dedicated to providing healthy food at a fair price. Their sourcing efforts are focused on close relationships with local and regional producers. The co-op is situated in the New Orleans Healing Center, and incorporates community events and health education into the co-op model.

The Food Less Traveled visited this local food co-op, which focuses on bringing healthy food to the New Orleans community. The food co-op works with local organic farmers to get fresh, nutritious food directly into the store, shortening the distance from farm to fork.


Our Address:

2372 St. Claude Ave Ste 110 New Orleans, LA 70117