When a consumer spends $100 in a chain store, on average only $14 stays in the community. That same $100 spent at a locally-owned business, leads to $45 of local reinvestment.

For Lowcountry Local First, holding onto that extra value is a crucial part of developing sustainable, and vibrant local economies.

Lowcountry Local First (LLF) is a non-profit that promotes local and independently owned businesses, and provides them with resources to become more economically sustainable. Through the Growing New Farmers Program, LLF gives aspiring farmers a full course on organic agriculture and placement in local food businesses within the network.

Lowcountry Local First works out of Charleston, South Carolina to support small and independently owned businesses. Part of their local economy approach is to support food businesses and new farmers. The cornerstone of this project is the Growing New Farm Program, an organic farming training course that gives participants hands-on experience in the field, classroom experience, and placements as apprentices in local businesses. This helps them build relationships and sets them up to start their own successful farming or related food business.


Our Address:

1630 Meeting Street Road, Building #2 Charleston, SC 29405