Our food system is changing. It is time to give a voice to the champions of local food.

Across North America, a growing number of farmers, small businesses, and communities are shifting to a local way of thinking about food. The idea is simple: strengthen connections locally, so that the way we eat may contribute to a resilient community.

“The Food Less Traveled” is a video project that explores local food initiatives across North America, putting these initiatives into conversation with one another. This film series will follow two young entrepreneurs as they embark on a 2,400 mile road trip from Monterrey to Toronto. Along the way, they will be interviewing the hard working farmers, educators, business-owners, and advocates of our food system, to hear their perspective on the best way forward for North American food.

1 in 6:  The number of Americans struggling with hunger.
60:  The average age of the American farmer.
40%:  The amount of food grown in the United States that goes to waste.

We know that the modern food system faces an excess of problems. To tackle them, we need to learn from the creative solutions being put into practice by organizations across North America.

This project is being developed by the founding members of the Fresh Data Network, Caroline and Rick. Together they have developed an app for consumers to find locally-produced food anywhere in the world. The Fresh Data Network is dedicated to building durable food systems, based on strong social connections between producers, businesses, and consumers.

Now, they want to bring that connection to a greater audience. “The Food Less Traveled” will give a voice to the people who grow our food, by bringing a wider audience into the movement for a stronger food system.

Follow Rick and Caroline throughout this adventure! Connect with the team through social media, and feel free to reach out to join the conversation.

The Food Less Traveled is a journey through local food systems in North America. Watch our video series where we interview 8 local food organizations in the United States and Canada to meet the people who feed our countries.